The Italian placement exam must be taken online by August 1.

If you have never studied Italian before, simply register in the Fall Quarter for Beginning Italian (101-1) or Intensive Italian  (133-1/134-1), our special double-credit course that covers the WCAS Language Requirement in one academic year. Note that first and second year Italian language course sequences begin only in the Fall Quarter.

If you have some experience with Italian language, you must take the online Italian Placement Exam. Once you have completed the exam and an oral interview to confirm the results, you will be placed accordingly. Oral interviews will be given during Wildcat Welcome. For information about the interview and to schedule your appointment, contact Professor Thomas Simpson (

Italian AP Exam

If you have taken the AP exam in Italian and have scored 4 or 5, you have satisfied the Weinberg foreign language requirement in Italian. Bravissima/o! Now check out our advanced course listings and keep on studying Italian! If you have scored 3 on the AP exam, Brava/o! You do not need to take the placement test, but you must contact the department for a placement interview. For placement advice, please contact:

  • Thomas Simpson, Director of Undergraduate Studies within the Italian Department and advisor for first year students at (847)467-1987 or

Visit the Department of French and Italian website