The French placement exam is offered online over the summer and must be taken by August 1.

Before registering for French courses at Northwestern, you must take the online French placement exam by August 1 unless any of the following applies to you:

  • Your AP exam score in French language is a 4 or higher.
    You have satisfied the Weinberg foreign language requirement in French. We encourage you to continue your French studies at Northwestern. For placement advice, please contact Professor Christiane Rey, Director of Undergraduate Studies in the Department of French, at 847-467-3881 or, or Professor Dominique Licops, Language Program Director at 847-491-3930 or
  • You have never learned French. To start your French studies at Northwestern, register for FRENCH 111-1, offered in fall quarter only

All other first-year or transfer students who plan to take French must take the online placement exam before registering for courses in the fall. Visit the Department of French website; under the "Placement" tab, you will find more information about the placement test and some sample questions to help prepare you for the placement test.

When you check your results on the test site, you may be requiredto come for an interview to firm up your placement, or to complete the onsite follow-up test to validate your level of proficiency (the validation of proficiency test consists of an oral interview and a written composition). This follow-up exam, offered during Wildcat Welcome, will determine whether you have satisfied the Weinberg foreign language requirement and/or qualify for 200- or 300-level French courses.

If you have questions about placement or need additional information, contact Professor Dominique Licops, Language Program Director in the Department of French and Italian, room Crowe 2-137, call 847-491-3930, or e-mail