Parents & Family Email List

What is the Parent and Family Email List, you ask? It is how we, the University, communicate with our parent partners. This mailing list is an electronic distribution list for us to update you on the campus community and various events that are pertinent to you. The parent newsletter, The Wildcat Family Focus, is delivered once per month via the listserv. Join our conversation and the other 15,000 parents!

NEW: For all parents and family members

All parents and family members (really, anyone who would like to hear from us) are encouraged to complete the Email list form. The current list (many of you may know it as the parent listserv) is being retired as of July 1, 2013; if you would still like to hear from us after July 1, ensure you complete the Email list form. This will help us deliver the most relevant information to you.

Complete the Email list form