Performing Arts Organizations

A.NU.Bhav – Hindi Film Dance Team

Northwestern A•NU•Bhav is a co-ed and competitive Hindi Film Dance team, one of the first in the Midwest! We choreograph and dance to Bollywood music and compete nationwide. We’ve also performed for Northwestern University campus events, and even off-campus events throughout the city of Chicago. Please visit the A.NU.Bhav website for more information.

Bhangra GroupBhangra Team (dance)
Northwestern Bhangra was founded in 2005 in an effort to promote awareness of Punjabi culture and since then into a team that performs all around the Chicagoland area, as well as at competitions all across the nation. We strive to represent bhangra in its purest,most traditional form, while still incorporating some modern flair into the dance.

Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar (a cappella)
Brown Sugar is Northwestern's South Asian co-ed a cappella group, specializing in everything from contemporary Indian music to modern American pop, rock, and R&B. Please visit the Brown Sugar website for more information.

Chinese Music Society
The mission of the Chinese Music Society is to explore, discuss, practice, and perform music of Chinese origins (traditional and contemporary) on both traditional and Western instruments. The purpose of this is to raise awareness and exposure of Chinese music and culture to all members of the Northwestern community (especially student musicians) and to contribute to the cultural experience on campus.

Deeva Dance Troupe

Deeva Dance Troupe is a nationally recognized all-female dance troupe that blends the best of Indian classical, film, folk with jazz, modern and hip-hop. Representing diverse regions of South Asia, each dancer brings a unique background, finesse and attitude to the table as they fuse their styles in the ultimate battle of different dance and musical genres. Their passion for dancing and their commitment to work hard has brought the Deeva Dance Troupe together in every facet of their lives even beyond dancing. The Deevas are a group of independent, talented women, who are, in the best sense of the word, Divas! Please visit the Deeva Dance Troupe website for more information.

Refresh PerformanceReFresH Dance Crew

ReFresH is all about hip-hop. Whether it’s taking it down to the underground street level b-boying, or hitting up the latest styles of choreographed hip-hop, you’ll find it somewhere within ReFresH. We hope to inspire you to seek a passion for the beat, just as we are continually inspired by those around us. Please visit the ReFresH Dance Crew website for more information.

Treblemakers Treblemakers (a capella)
Treblemakers is Northwestern’s only East Asian a cappella group. Unique from many other a cappella groups on campus, they sing songs in English, Japanese as well as in Mandarin Chinese. The repertoire includes styles from vocal jazz, contemporary American pop to hip-hop and Asian pop. Please visit the Treblemakers website for more information.

Tufaan Entertainment
Tufaan Entertainment

Tufan Entertainment is a philanthropic student organization that presents talented South Asian performers from across the country in an intercollegiate dance competition.

Typhoo Dance TroupeTyphoon Dance Troupe
Typhoon is a student organized dance group that highlights classical, ethnic, and contemporary dances of East and Southeast Asia. Through the art of dance, we dedicate ourselves to displaying pieces of the regions’ rich, diverse cultures and to promote more interest and appreciation in the community for those cultures. Dances are open to people from any type of background, ranging from beginner to experienced, and in many styles of dance, including but not limited to: Classical, folk, and contemporary Chinese Dance; Kung-Fu; Lion Dance, Ballet, and Hip-hop. We learn and practice for several performances in Northwestern-affiliated productions and off- campus events, most notably The Typhoon Spring Show. In addition to working with Northwestern students, Typhoon has also implemented a dance program with Xilin Chinese School in Evanston for young children. Please visit our Facebook page and the Typhoon Dance Troupe website for more information.