Cultural Organizations

Chinese Student Association (CSA)

CSAThe Chinese Students Association is one of the first established Asian-American student groups at Northwestern. We aim to promote the awareness of Chinese culture while encouraging a social environment for students of all backgrounds. Our annual events include: Celebrasia, dumpling socials, formals and hosting famous guest speakers.

Malaysian Students Association (formmly known as Cili Padi)

Cili Padi was formed in 2002. Now we have 12 members ranging from first-year to graduate students. Supported by the Malaysian Students Department just a few blocks from campus, Cili Padi has now become a significant member of the Northwestern community through its involvement in various multicultural activities. Please visit the Cili Padi website for more information.

Hawaii Club

The Hawaii Club shares Hawaiian culture with the Midwest through events such as our annual luau and supports Hawaiian students during their college careers. Please visit the Hawaiian Club website for more information.

Hong Kong Students Association (HKSA)

HKSA aims to create a community actively involved on campus and with other student groups while maintaining our cultural heritage. HKSA is not merely a social club among friends – it is a platform on which our members can expand their experiences and get involved on campus. Please visit the HKSA website for more information.

Japan Club

BunkasiOur mission is to foster an open and friendly environment for the enjoyment of Japanese culture; the sharing of knowledge related to Japan; and creating a supportive network. We host cultural events such as Bunkasai (Culture Fest) in the spring, go on outings to sushi restaurants and try our hands at cooking Japanese foods. Please visit the Japan Club website for more information.

Kaibigan (Filipino Students Association)


Kaibigan is a Northwestern student-run organization dedicated to promoting Filipino culture through education and exposure. The group fosters a sense of community providing a reliable and supportive environment for its members. Kaibigan is the Filipino word for friend.

Please visit the Kaibigan website for more information.   

Korean American Student Association

The Korean American Student Association (KASA) is an organization formed to provide socially and culturally informative activities to all those who share an interest in Korean culture and Korean American issues. KASA also strives to promote awareness of Korean American students’ interests as well as intercultural understanding and cooperation. KASA does not discriminate against persons of a different race, color, religion, creed, or national origin, and anybody is welcome to join! Please visit the KASA website for more information.

MSA First-Year Activities Board

Through MSA's First-Year Activities Board, you will meet and connect with other first-year students from around the University, learn about important resources designed to help you succeed at Northwestern, and develop important leadership skills that will last a lifetime. It's a fun, easy, and unique way of getting involved on campus. Membership is open to any first-year student. Don't wait! Fill out the membership form and join today!

Singaporeans and Friends (NUSAF)

NUSAF StudentsNU Singaporeans and Friends (NUSAF) is a student organization that strives to form community within Northwestern and aims to share Singaporean culture with one and all. We welcome everyone! Please visit the NUSAF website for more information.

South Asian Students Alliance (SASA)

SASA ShowThe South Asian Student Alliance of Northwestern University is committed to tying together the South Asian community on campus and sharing the unique South Asian culture with those outside the community as well. Please visit the SASA website for more information.

Taiwanese American Students Club (TASC)

TASCThe Taiwanese American Students Club (TASC) was informally established in 1992 and has grown from 8 members to an Associated Student Government A-status group with a mailing list that reaches more than 300 students. Our members include students of all backgrounds, Asians and non-Asians a like. We promote, educate, and foster a community for students interested in the culture, heritage, and issues relating to Taiwanese/Taiwanese Americans. We pride ourselves on our family-oriented feel and the team mentality of our executive board. The best way to get involved or hear about our events is to be on our listserv; e-mail any executive board member if you want to be added! Please visit the TASC website for more information.

Thai Club

Thai ClubThai Club is an organization comprised of Thai international students, Thai Americans, and anyone interested in Thai culture. Our activities include the famous Thai Night, which takes place in the spring (featuring classical dance, Thai sports, entertainment, good food, and more); SEA night; and various cultural and social events throughout the year.