Academic & Pre-Professional Organizations

Korean Scientists & Engineers Association (KSEA)

KSEA’s objectives are to promote the application of science and technology for the general welfare of society, foster international cooperation especially between the U.S. and Korea, and help Korean-American scientists and engineers develop their full career potential. Please visit the Korean Scientists & Engineers Association website for more information.

Minorities in the Pursuit of Law (The Pursuit)

The Society of Minorities in the Pursuit of Law and Business educates Northwestern’s minority community on the opportunities available in these fields. We provide necessary resources to help our members get ahead in the professional world. Over 100 members are in The Pursuit, and we launch law and business related programs each quarter.

Minority Business Association (MBA)

The vision of MBA is to equip its members with a well rounded base of experiences to be successful in their profession. Our end goal is for all members to either pursue post graduate education or to graduate with a full time job. We aim to create minority leaders who are pioneers in their respective industries with a commitment to giving back to their communities through education, experience and opportunity.

One Step Before Premedical Society (OSB)

The purpose of One Step Before is to serve the minority premedical students of Northwestern University. Through meetings, workshops, and events, we provide valuable information that premedical students need prior to attending medical school. This organization works diligently to try to stimulate the interests of premedical students by encouraging and promoting all minorities in medicine. Please visit the OSB website for more information.