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Putting ‘NU’ Connections to Work

The Northwestern Alumni Association is giving alumni who are rethinking their careers and graduating seniors an online foothold higher up the work ladder with Northwestern CareerNet.

The Web-based network allows alumni to connect with each other through a database of more than 10,000 alumni career advisers. These volunteers share their job experiences with those looking to build their professional contacts, improve their job-seeking skills and enjoy an inside look at careers and companies.

By visiting www.alumni.northwestern.edu/career, alumni can log on to Northwestern CareerNet with the same identification and passwords they use for the NAA online alumni directory. From there, they can either conduct a contact search, which seeks out alumni by occupational field, company or location, or register to become an alumni career adviser.

Those seeking career guidance may contact the alumni advisers to discuss the pros and cons of a particular occupation or company and how factors such as location and their Northwestern education enter into the mix.

Northwestern CareerNet also makes it easy for alumni of all professions and ages to register as alumni career advisers. Through the online network, the advisers may select how often they’d like to be contacted and if they prefer mail, e-mail or phone exchanges. As advisers, alumni serve as information resources only and aren’t expected to provide jobs or distribute résumés.

"Northwestern CareerNet is the NAA’s initial step in providing alumni ongoing networking opportunities and high-quality, accessible career services," says NAA president Ava Harth Youngblood (McC79). "Our goal is to provide alumni with easy-to-use career services throughout their lifetimes."

The NAA currently sponsors an annual Etiquette Banquet and Council of One Hundred mentoring programs for students and young alumni to learn the essential elements of business culture.

The association is also joining with University Career Services to develop career programming for the fall reunions. Concurrent sessions will be offered. One will offer advice on defining one’s passion through work, and the other will focus on how to transform résumés into effective job search tools.

"So many times, personal changes and experiences impact our careers and what we want to do with our lives," says Cindy Graham, University Career Services’ senior assistant director for alumni career services. "The University is here to help alumni at all stages of their careers. They don’t have to make the journey alone."

For questions about Northwestern CareerNet, send e-mail messages to alumnicareers@alumni.northwestern.edu.