If you are locked out of your room, you should first try to contact your roommate. If your roommate is not available, go to the front desk assigned to your residential building (see list below) to receive a loaner key.  The first two lockouts of the academic year will be provided at no cost. Upon the third lockout, you will be charged for a lock change.

Building Neighborhood Front Desk
1835 Hinman Allison Front Desk
1856 Orrington Foster-Walker Front Desk
2303 Sheridan Kemper Front Desk
626 Emerson (PMA) Foster-Walker Front Desk
720 Emerson (SAI) Foster-Walker Front Desk
Allison Allison Front Desk
Ayers Kemper Front Desk
Bobb Kemper Front Desk
Chapin Allison Front Desk
East Fairchild Allison Front Desk
Elder Kemper Front Desk
Foster Walker Foster-Walker Front Desk
Goodrich House Kemper Front Desk
Hobart House Foster-Walker Front Desk
Jones Allison Front Desk
Kemper Kemper Front Desk
Lindgren House Kemper Front Desk
McCulloch Kemper Front Desk
North Mid Quads Foster-Walker Front Desk
PARC Allison Front Desk
Rogers House Foster-Walker Front Desk
Sargent Kemper Front Desk
Seabury Foster-Walker Front Desk
Shepard Allison Front Desk
Slivka Kemper Front Desk
South Mid Quads Foster-Walker Front Desk
West Fairchild Allison Front Desk
Willard Allison Front Desk

Lost Key Policy

If you lose your room key, we must change the lock, for which you will be charged $181.  Report lost keys to the front desk assigned to your residential building (see above).

Broken Key

If you break your key, bring all pieces to the front desk assigned to your residential building (see above). If you can return all pieces, there will be no charge. If you do not have all of the pieces, you may be charged for a new key/lock.