Educational Assistance Applications

  • Employee Reduced Tuition - Undergraduate 2014 PDF Document
  • Employee Reduced Tuition - Undergraduate 2015
  • Employee Reduced Tuition - Graduate 2014 PDF Document
  • Employee Reduced Tuition - Graduate 2015
  • Employee Reduced Tuition - Satellite Offices 2014 PDF Document
  • Employee Reduced Tuition - Satellite Offices 2015 
  • Employee Portable Tuition - 2014 PDF Document
  • Employee Portable Tuition - 2015
  • Dependent Reduced Tuition -  2014 PDF Document
  • Dependent Reduced Tuition - 2015
  • Dependent Portable Tuition - 2014PDF Document
  • Dependent Portable Tuition - 2015
  • NU Certificate Programs*  - 2014
  • NU Certificate Programs*  - 2015
  • Music Academy Tuition Application PDF Document

For new hires as of 9/1/2014: If you worked at a FAFSA-qualified college or university in a full-time, continuous position immediately prior to joining Northwestern University as a staff or faculty member, you may qualify to waive the required 5-year Northwestern service period for the dependent portable or dependent reduced tuition benefit. Please complete the top portion of the waiver form, and have your previous employer complete the bottom portion. Return the form to the Benefits Division for approval.

Waiver of Service Period

*For all SPS non-credit, professional development certificate programs, please use the "Employee Reduced Tuition - Undergraduate" application. For all other NU certificate programs, use the "NU Certificate Programs" application.