Annual Salary Planning

FY16 Salary Planning Resources

Merit Increase Letters

Instructions & Planning Templates

  • Merit Planning Excel Templates: NEX Excel  /  EXS/ITS Excel
  • Mail Merge Instructions: NEX PDF  /  EXS/ITS PDF 

Training Classes

Training on the Salary Planning Process and FASIS Salary Planning pages is available at both Evanston and Chicago campuses; this year, users have the option of attending a live online demonstration as well.  Registration is required for all training sessions (including the online demos) and users must have attended the FASIS Lookup Training class (HRS101) and have an active FASIS User ID.

  • HRS203 Salary Planning (FAC and STF): This course will cover processes and technical data entry for both Faculty and Staff salary planning. All Faculty planners are encouraged to attend; new Faculty salary planning users must attend before access is provided. Staff entry will also be covered for those participants who will require access to both the faculty and staff entry pages.  View and register for HRS203 here.
  • HRS201 Salary Planning (STF Only): This course covers entry of Staff information only. All existing Staff planning users are encouraged to attend; new staff salary planners must attend this course to receive access. Users who have attended an earlier session of HRS203 this year do not need to attend this session.  View and register for HRS201 here.