KitchenDownload the Seabury Handbook for more information on the building.

Questions about the application process:
Carol Wharton (c-wharton@northwestern.edu)
or call the Department of Graduate Housing at (847) 467-4663

Rent billing problems:
Carol Wharton (c-wharton@northwestern.edu) or (847) 467-4663

Maintenance issues:
Maintenance Requests can be completed online by visiting www.northwestern.edu/living/services/maintenance-requests.html. The password is wildcat. 

Money lost in laundry machines:
Mac-Gray at (800) 621-8178

What is the application deadline?
There is no application deadline. Applications are processed and assignments are made on a first come, first served basis.

How is housing assigned?
Housing is assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.

When can I move in?
You may move in up to two weeks before your classes/program start.

Do residents have access to Northwestern Shuttle System?
Yes. Students must present a valid WildCard to be allowed on Northwestern shuttles. The Evanston shuttles and Intercampus shuttle make several stops near Seabury for travel within Evanston between the Evanston and Chicago campuses. For more information on getting around, please visit the Shuttles Page at the Northwestern Transportation & Parking Services website.

What is included in a furnished apartment? Are kitchen and bath accessories included?
All of the units at Seabury are fully furnished. For more details on what furniture is provided, please visit the Rooms/Floor Plans section. Although the units are furnished, each resident is responsible for providing kitchen and bath accessories (towels, dishes, silverware, pots, etc.).

When will I get my room deposit back?
Your room deposit will be credited to your student account during the month in which you arrive.

I own a car, what kind of parking options are available to me?
There is a nearby parking lot assigned for Seabury available for residents. Students who would prefer to park in other University lots must purchase a parking permit by visiting the University Parking Office, located at 1819 Hinman Ave.

Can I end my contract early?
Only under specific circumstances may a student may be released from the residence terms and conditions during an academic quarter. The reasons are as follows:

  • academic dismissal
  • disciplinary exclusion from the University
  • induction into military service
  • health reasons, upon written recommendation of the Office of University Student Health Services
  • change of family status

A student must apply for such release in writing, and in all cases written documentation substantiating the request must be provided to the Graduate Housing Office from the appropriate agency or office. Residents leaving the university are required to provide written notification of their request to terminate their housing contract to the Graduate Housing Office at least 45 days before termination. For residents not leaving the university due to health or academic reasons, existing contracts may not be terminated before the termination date. Please contact us for more information by sending a message to grad-housing@northwestern.edu or calling (847) 467-4663.

What public schools would my child attend?
Elementary school students (grades K-8) can attend District 65 schools. For more information, contact the District 65 office at (847) 859-8000. High school students (grades 9-12) can attend Evanston Township High School. For more information, contact the Evanston Township High School at (847) 424-7000.

Does Seabury close over holiday and summer breaks?
No. Seabury is open year-round, unlike the undergraduate dormitories which are vacated and closed over summer and holiday breaks. You are free to stay in the building for the duration of your housing contract.