Staff Bios

The McManus Student Directors (SD) work with a diverse group of residents (their spouses and families), but unlike the tenants of Engelhart, the McManus students have the common bond of all being students of the Kellogg School of Management. The role of the SD is to:

  • Present educational and social programming
  • Serve as campus resources by answering questions and inquiries
  • Ensure good customer service is extended during the evenings and on weekends
  • Promote safety and responsibility by monitoring the facilities
  • Assist students during emergencies or crises

Duty schedules and contact information (including pager numbers) for the student directors are posted at the front desk of McManus Living-Learning Center.

Interested in becoming an SD? Find out more information on the Kellogg McManus website.

McManus Student Directors

Andres de Lucca, Student Director

Andres did Logistics & Security consulting prior to Kellogg, in a small firm in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Looking to continue his career either in Consulting or High-tech, has decided his 2nd yr is the time to start giving back to the Kellogg/McManus community. Being a married international students, he is very aware of the multiple challenges internationals have to face when they first arrive to US: where do I get the food I want? What’s the cheapest way to call home? Why even $50 restaurants have “burgers” in their menus? Why do north Americans professionalize networking and what is “schmoozing”? How come they use inches, fahrenheit and miles? Is 32 degrees Fahrenheit warm or cold? What should I do with my JV? What does “drink the kool aid” mean? How is that here a national league is called a “World championship”, frisbee throwing requires “training” and mostly women play futbol? And what’s more: he is willing to share all the answers he has got so far!

He is also the social co-chair of the Scuba Club, an amateur photographer (although never as good as Agustina, his wife), house music dj and passionate about technology. He has organized multiple events in Buenos Aires, and is looking forward to leading entertaining events for McManus’ residents. Don’t hesitate in asking him about restaurants, the “asado”, night clubs, “truco” (card game) and essentials to do in Argentina!

Joel Stanwood, Student Director

Joel is keyed up to serve as your first year Assistant Student Director. As a Six Sigma Black Belt from a process improvement / engineering background, Joel admires the ubiquitous nature of the Central Limit Theorem. He will continue to fulfill his Mr-Fix-It calling by pursuing a career as a turnaround artist, and is at Kellogg to round-out his consulting skills and build financial panache. Coming from the sunny climes of Texas, Joel and his wife Christine love the fact that “McMansion” offers them everything they need to survive the Evanston winter in style, surrounded by 247 of their closest friends. Rebecca Stanwood will tell anyone within earshot how much she loves the McManus life, primarily through baby giggles and non-verbal communication. The entire Stanwood family like nothing better than to socialize with their friendly neighbors - they are always available for you!

McManus Staff

Joe Minnone- Housekeeping & Maintenance Supervisor

Joe headshotJoe has been the lead housekeeper for Engelhart and McManus for the last five years and he has been at the University for 30 years, including 25 years overseeing the housekeeping of Lake Shore Center on the Chicago Campus.