How to Use the Air Conditioner

  • Make sure the windows/doors are closed. The air conditioner runs most effectively when outside air is not getting into the apartment.
  • Switch the button at the base of the heater to the “cool” setting.
  • Make sure the air conditioner unit is plugged into the outlet in the base of the heater.
  • Turn on the air conditioning unit.
  • Adjust the temperature by using the thermostat knob on the air conditioning unit.

How to Use the Heater

  • Make sure the windows/doors are closed. The upper windowpane may slip down if the windows are not locked, allowing a draft to come in, so make sure both windows are closed.
  • Turn on the heater by pressing the “heat” button that is located at the corner of your heating vent in the room.
  • Adjust the temperature by using the thermostat on the wall.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact the Graduate Housing office or a Community Assistant.

Maintenance Request

Northwestern University employs SchoolDude Online Maintenance System which allows students to report all maintenance issues via their website. If something in your apartment is broken, damaged, or will not work (e.g., leaking faucet, clogged sink, no cool air from air conditioner, no heat from register), please visit 

In the event of an emergency during business hours, please contact Residential Services at 847-491-3541.

In the event of an emergency after business hours, please contact the Community Assistant on duty at 847-491-2011.

Please contact a Community Assistant during the evenings and weekends if an electrical breaker/fuse blows, a toilet overflows, a window breaks, or for some other serious matter. The staff member will assist you in determining which emergency services are required and contact the necessary personnel for you.

Thank you for your prompt and clear reporting of problems in your apartment. Please understand that some things take longer to fix than others. Please remember to report any and all maintenance issues via SchoolDude and they will be tended to as soon as possible. No issue is too small.

Helpful Phone Numbers

Engelhart Office: (847) 467-4663
Community Assistant Pager: (847) 491-2011
University Police (Information & Services): (847) 491-3456
University Police (Emergency): 911