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Office of Treasury Operations

Richard Emrich, CTP
Assistant Treasurer


619 Clark Street, Room 110
Evanston, IL 60208
Phone: (847) 467-0422
Email: r-emrich@northwestern.edu


Quick Links:

Missing EFT Revenue?
Electronic Payment Requests
Amex Corporate Card Program
Credit Card Security (PCI-DSS Compliance)

Our daily activity centers around the following: i) custody, control, safekeeping, and performance of the University’s Treasury Pool assets; ii) banking and finance consultants to University departments; iii) managers of efficient, dynamic and successful banking relationships; iii) efficient bank account structure; iv) daily cash management and reporting; v) cash forecasting and variance analysis; vi) liquidity and working capital management & reporting; vii) rating agency and financial covenant reporting; viii) speed and efficiency of receivables and payables.

Fiscal YE (2013) Treasury Operations Info Session Highlights (click for the PDF)

Sealed bank deposits must meet all of the following in order to be recorded as FY13 revenue:

Ticket "total" line must be 100% accurate
Must be @ Depository Services by 12 noon 8/30/2013
Must have an accurate committed CRT by 12 noon 8/30/2013

Treasury Services

Management of daily EFT requests and manual journal entries to record activity, daily communication with lead banks, policy, procedure, control and compliance updates and adherence tracking, banking advisory services to department staff, Amex corporate card management.



Technical administrator for merchant card (credit card receipting) locations and Certain Event Registration users. This department is responsible for ensuring that the University as a whole is compliant with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards). e-Commerce Operations is charged with moving the University toward electronic payments and receipts.


Depository Services

General oversight of departmental bank deposits, cash receipt ticket creation and merchant card use in more than 100 campus locations. The department assists accounting services with reconciliation of all merchant card and CRT activity with active communication with department staff and periodic training sessions.

  • Transactions accepted at Depository Services Windows in Evanston & Chicago
  • Missing Revenue on your Budget Statement?
  • Stored Value Card for Human Research Subject Fees
  • How to make a bank deposit and create the Cash Receipt Ticket (CRT)
  • Deposit checks without leaving your department


How do I request an Electronic Payment?, click here

Missing Revenue that arrived by Wire Transfer?  click here

How do I create a Bank Deposit and where do I take it?

How Do I
Create a CRT(Cash Receipt Ticket)?

Can I receive an Amex
Corporate Card?

For more information on these and other questions / concepts, please contact

Joe Stolz @ 7-4962, j-stolz@northwestern.edu
Martin Soler @ 1-5382, m-soler@northwestern.edu
Melissa Lang @ 1-5790, melissa.lang@northwestern.edu

Questions? Feedback?

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