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Modify Existing Access

Transfer to New Department

When an NU employee with existing access to Café Systems transfers from one department to another, notification must be received from both departments.

  • The department the employee is transferring TO needs to submit a new Security Access Form in order for any updates to be made.  Fill out the form as if the transferring individual is a new employee but check the box on page 1 indicating that this user is an internal transfer.
  • The department the employee is transferring FROM must send us notification of the employees last day worked. An email from the Department Head will be accepted.

In cases where a transferring employee needs to retain certain access to their former department for a short period of time, please include an ending date with the transfer notification.

Promotion/Changes to Roles & Responsibilities

When making changes to existing Café Systems access, use a new Security Access Form.  Check 'Modify' under the appropriate headings on the front page and only fill out the corresponding section(s) that are being updated.