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Inactivate Existing Access


Please notify us when any employees, affiliates or temporary workers leave a department. 

Since most Café Systems use the NetID for authentication, and most employees may use their NetID after they leave the University, it is very important to notify us as soon as possible. To streamline this process, the Department Head can call or send an email providing us with the name and NetID of the employee before their last day of work.  Alternatively, an inactivation form may be submitted but email is the preferred method.

Inactivation initiated from HRIS or the NetD system

Financial Operations will remove access to Café Systems based on the status in the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) or the NetID system. HRIS “Terminated” users are manually locked out of Café Systems on a monthly basis. NetIDs will become inactive when a user leaves the university.

Details at:  http://www.it.northwestern.edu/netid/expiration.html

There can be significant delays processing inactivations from other systems, so please continue to inform us directly when someone leaves your department.