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Cafe Security FAQ

New User Access to NUFinancials, InfoEd, FAMIS, & COGNOS
Q: How do I request new access for an employee?
A: Fill out a General Security Access Form, acquire the proper signatures, and send it to us via email, fax or campus mail.
Q: What is the turnaround time for new user access?
A: Once the approved forms are received in our office, NUFinancials, InfoEd, and FAMIS access is processed in 1 business day. Access to Cognos will take 2 business days. We recommend submitting forms via email for the quickest turnaround time.
Q: What information is required in order for a new user to gain access to Café systems?
A: A valid netid is required of all new users including employees, affiliates, and temps.  In order to be a Shopper in iBuyNU and to access the Expense Reimbursement module, a valid Employee ID is also required.
Q: What do I do when an NUFinancials user leaves my department?
A: To keep security up to date, we expect to be notified when any employees, affiliates or temps leave a department. To streamline this process, the Department Head can call or send an email providing us with the name and netid of the employee before their last day of work.  Alternatively, an inactivation form may be submitted. 
Changes in Roles & Responsibilities: Transfers & Promotions
Q: A current NU employee is transfering to my department and already has access to NUFinancials.What information is necessary to provide?
A: A new Security Access Form needs to be submitted in order to update a user's profile.  Fill out the form as if they are a new employee but check the box on page 1  indicating that this user is an internal transfer.
Q: An employee is transferring departments but will need to retain access to their current department until budget statements are posted. How do we coordinate?
A: If an employee needs to retain certain access for a period of time please include a date in your transfer notification in which the old access will no longer be needed. Feel free to call us at 7-3777 to coordinate.
Security Review
Q: How do I know that my department has the correct access?
A: To ensure appropriate control is maintained in the department, the Department Head or authorized individual must review the security and workflow worksheets to determine if all users have the correct access.
Q: Where can I verify the security access for my department?
A: The security and workflow worksheets are found at the Project Café website: http://www.cafe.northwestern.edu/security/.  Quarterly reviews are recommended.