• Neha Reddy and Matthew Zhou, 2014 Projects for Peace Winners
    Matthew Zhou (WCAS 2015) and Neha Reddy (WCAS 2016), are Northwestern's 2014 Kathryn Davis Projects for Peace winners. They went to Ethiopia to conduct their joint project 'Empowering Rural Women: An Investment in the Future'.
  • Nicholas Gazvini-Gore IPS winner in 2014
    Nicolas Kazvini-Gore (SESP 2014) won an IPS Bundestag Internship Program in Berlin in 2014. During this 5 month-long internship in the German Parlament, Nick will serve as a staff assistant to a member of Parlament.
  • Mark Specht Image
    Mark Specht (WCAS 2014), won a Fulbright award to New Zealand in 2014. Mark studied ISP/Science in Human Culture at Northwestern University.
  • Julia and Nate image
    Julia Anaya, (COMM 2014) and Nathaniel Rattner, (MEDILL 2014) are two of NU's six Venture for America Fellowship winners in 2014.
  • Edward Pang Image
    Edward Pang (MEAS 2015) is NU's 2014 Barry M. Goldwater Scholar. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering. He hopes to conduct research in energy-efficient materials and eventually, teach at the university level.
  • Picture of Rachel Scholes
    Rachel Scholes, (MEAS 2015), won a Fulbright Award in 2014 to New Zealand. Rachel studies chemistry and bio-medical engineering at McCormick. Rachel also won a NSF award.
  • Mills Image
    Jennifer Mills (WCAS 2013) Marshall Scholar. A triple major in earth and planetary science, in chemistry and in integrated science, with a minor in physics, Jenny plans to study and work at the forefront of climate science at the University of Cambridge.
  • Nora Richter Image
    Nora Richter (WCAS 2014), won a Fulbright Award in 2014 to go to Switzerland. Nora studied ISP/Earth and Biological Sciences at NU.
  • Najib El Tecle
    In 2014 Najib El Tecle (FEINBERG PhD), won the Illinois Tech Foundation 50 for the Future Award.
  • Jamie Barstein and Christina Fuentes Image
    Christina Fuentes (TGS, Biomedical Engineering: MS), and Jamie Barstein (TGS, Clinical Psychology: PhD) both won NSF Scholarships in 2014.
  • Ashley Gilliam Image
    Ashley Gilliam (TGS), won the NASA Earth and Space Science Fellowship in 2014. Ashley is currently working towards her Earth & Planetary Sciences PhD.
  • UK Women Image
    (From left to right) Priyanka Bose (WCAS 2011), will study creative advertising as a Fulbright student at Falmouth University; Cindy Solomon (MEAS 2013), will study in bioengineering at the University of Nottingham as a Whitaker International Fellow; Sarah Graber (COMM 2005)

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