Membership 2015-16

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PRESIDENT: Edward F X Hughes
PAST PRESIDENT: Babette Sanders

Bienen School of Music

Department Title Name Email
Music Performance Associate Professor Marcia Bosits
Music Studies Professor Bernard J. Dobroski
NT - Music Senior Lecturer Robert Hasty
Feinberg School of Medicine
Anesthesiology Assistant Professor Paul C Tamul
Biochemistry N/A N/A N/A
Cell & Molecular Biology Assistant Professor Steven Kosak
Dermatology Research Associate Professor Xiao-Qi Wang
Emergency Med Professor Demetrios (Jim) Kyriacou
Family & Community Med Professor Deborah S. Clements
Medical Social Sciences Research Assistant Professor Karen Kaiser
Medicine TBD
Microbiology-Immunology Professor Melissa Brown
Neurological Surgery Assistant Professor Derek Wainwright
Neurology Assistant Professor Eric Liotta 
Ob-Gyn Assistant Professor LaTasha Nelson
Ophthalmology Assistant Professor Manjot K Gill
Orthopedic Surgery TBD
Otolaryngology Associate Professor Jing Zheng
P M & R - Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Assistant Professor Christopher Reger
Pathology Assistant Professor Edward B. Thorp
Pediatrics Associate Professor Mary Nevin
Pharmacology Professor Hiroaki Kiyokawa
Physical Therapy and Human Movement Sciences Associate Professor Lois Hedman
Physiology TBD
Preventive Medicine Assistant Professor Kwang-youn Kim
Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Professor Stephen Dinwiddie
Radiation Oncology Assistant Professor Jonathan Strauss
Radiology Assistant Professor Tarek A Hijaz
Surgery Assistant Professor Anne-Marie Boller
Urology Instructor Dennis Liu
NT - FSM Assistant Professor Michael Carr
Kellogg School of Management
Acctg Info and Mgt Professor Robert P. Magee
Finance Professor Costis Skiadas
Management & Strategy Professor Edward F X Hughes
Marketing Professor Bobby J Calder
Mgr Econ Decision Sci Professor Robert J. Weber
Mgt and Organizations Professor Paul Hirsch
NT - KSM Professor Clinical James G Conley
Law School
Law Instruction Professor Charlotte Crane
NT - Law Clinical Assistant Professor Grace Dodier
McCormick School of Engineering
Biomedical Engg Professor Shu Qian Liu
Chem & Biol Engineer Associate Professor Gregory Ryskin
Civil & Environmental Engg Professor Jean-François Gaillard
Elect Engg & Computer Sci TBD
Engg Sci & Applied Math Professor Michael J. Miksis
Ind/EnggMgmt Sci Professor Noshir Contractor
Materials Science & Engg Professor Laurence Marks
Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Sandip Ghosal
NT - MCC Clinical Associate Professor David Corr
Medill School of Journalism, Media, Integrated Marketing Communications
Integrated Mktg Comm EV Professor Martin P. Block
Journalism Graduate Assistant Professor Abigail Foerstner
Journalism Undergrad Lecturer Karen E Springen
NT - Medill Lecturer Desiree Hanford
Northwestern Emeriti Organization
NEO - Northwestern Emeriti Organization Professor Emeritus Daniel Garrison
Northwestern University Qatar
Communication Program Lecturer in Residence Anne Sobel
Journalism Department Lecturer in Residence Christina Paschyn
Liberal Arts Assistant Professor in Residence Christopher James Macintosh Sparshott
School of Communication
Comm Sciences & Disorders Associate Professor Steven Zecker
Communication Studies Professor Robert Hariman
Performance Studies Professor Carol Simpson Stern
Radio/Television/Film Professor Rebecca Gilman
Theatre Associate Professor Rives B Collins
NT - SoC Senior Lecturer William Grant Bleich
School of Education and Social Policy
Education & Social Policy Associate Professor Jelani Mandara
NT - SESP Research Assistant Professor Kai Orton
Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
African-American Studies Associate Professor Celeste Watkins-Hayes
Anthropology Professor Matthew H Johnson
Art History Professor S. Hollis Clayson
Art Theory & Practice Professor Inigo Manglano-Ovalle
Asian Languages and Cultures Senior Lecturer Junko Sato
Chemistry Professor Teri W Odom
Classics Professor Robert W Wallace
Earth & Planetary Science Professor Suzan van der Lee
Economics Professor Lawrence Christiano
English Professor Barbara Newman
French & Italian Professor Michal Ginsburg
German Associate Professor Marcus Moseley
History Professor Dyan H Elliott
Linguistics Associate Professor Masaya Yoshida
Mathematics Professor Ezra Getzler
Molecular Biosciences Lecturer Michele M. McDonough
Neurobiology Associate Professor Mark Segraves
Philosophy Associate Professor Baron Reed
Physics & Astronomy Associate Professor André Luiz de Gouvêa
Political Science Assistant Professor Rachel Beatty Riedl
Psychology Senior Lecturer Benjamin J Gorvine
Religious Studies Professor Laurie Zoloth
Slavic Lang & Lit Associate Professor Susan McReynolds Oddo
Sociology Assistant Professor Christine Marie Percheski
Spanish & Portuguese Distinguished Senior Lecturer Heather L. Colburn
Statistics Associate Professor Hongmei Jiang
NT - WCAS Associate Professor of Instruction John Paluch
Past President
Past President: Associate Professor Babette Sanders