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“...sound governance practice and the exercise of academic freedom are closely connected, arguably inextricably linked. While no governance system can serve to guarantee that academic freedom will always prevail, an inadequate governance system—one in which the faculty is not accorded primacy in academic matters—compromises the conditions in which academic freedom is likely to thrive. Similarly, although academic freedom is not a sufficient condition, it is an essential one for effective governance." "On the Relationship of Faculty Governance and Academic Freedom.", AAUP Statement, May, 1994.

What is the Faculty Senate?

The Faculty Senate is the elected and representative body of the faculty and includes one representative from every department and one non-tenure track representative from each school. It considers, makes recommendations, and passes resolutions concerning matters of general university interest, including:

  • Educational and research endeavors
  • Hiring policy
  • Tenure and promotion system
  • Campus life

Report on Faculty Salaries from the Senate Salary and Benefits Committee

The Faculty Senate adopted and enthusiastically endorsed this report on May 3, 2017.

Overview Report of the Secure Faculty Survey Committee on the 2015 Faculty Perspectives Survey

The Faculty Senate's Secure Faculty Survey Committee prepared this report to summarize the findings of the 2015 Faculty Perspectives Survey. The report was presented to the Senate at its April 2017 meeting.

Report of the Faculty Rights & Responsibilities Committee Recommending the Establishment of a University Ombuds Office

The Faculty Senate adopted this resolution recommending the establishment of a University Ombuds Office at its March 2017 meeting, and it was presented to the central administration. 

Faculty Senate Spring Quarter 2017 Poster