Working Groups

There are five working groups with specific diversity/inclusion objectives that are overseen by the University Diversity Council. They are:


Enhances the in-class and out-of-class learning opportunities related to social inequalities and diversities for students, faculty, and staff.


  • Frances Aparicio, Professor, Spanish & Portuguese/Director, Latina and Latino Studies Program
  • Greg Light, Director of Searle Center for Teaching Excellence


  • Lesley Ann-Brown-Henderson, Executive Director, Campus Inclusion and Community
  • Steve Carr, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Affairs, McCormick Education and Teaching Excellence
  • P. Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Associate Provost for Faculty
  • Kourtney Cockrell, Director of Student Enrichment Services
  • Carla Elena Della Gatta, Graduate student - Interdisciplinary PhD in Theatre and Drama
  • Sally Ewing, Assistant Dean, School of Communication
  • Mary Finn, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Affairs, Weinberg
  • Linda Garton, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Bienen School of Music
  • Desiree Hanford, Lecturer, Acting Director of Undergraduate Journalism
  • Meg Kreuser, Academic Advisor to Secondary Teaching, Teacher Certification Manger
  • Louie Lainez, Director, Asian/Asian American Student Affairs
  • Michele McDonough, Lecturer, Molecular Biosciences, Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences
  • Marina Micari, Associate Director, Searle Center for Teaching Excellence
  • Sally Nuamah, Graduate student – Political Science
  • Mary Patillo, Professor, Sociology
  • Austin Romero, Undergraduate student; ASG Diversity Head
  • Dan Young, Associate Director, Global Health Education, Center for Global Health, FSM
  • Ji-Yeon Yuh, Associate Professor, History

Faculty Recruitment and Retention

Identifies, develops, and makes available the resources to support faculty search committees in the recruitment of underrepresented faculty, and  identifies and implements strategies to create a more inclusive campus environment for faculty.


  • Mercedes Carnethon, Associate Professor, Feinberg School of Medicine


  • Rosemary Bush, Graduate student - Earth and Planetary Sciences
  • Anthony Chen, Associate Professor, Sociology
  • Steven Epstein, Professor, Sociology (Fall 2013)
  • Carol LaBonne, Associate Professor, Molecular Biosciences
  • Ellyn Peña, Undergraduate student – 2015
  • Cathy Grimsted, Assistant Provost for Faculty
  • Shaan Trotter, Administrative Dir., Office of Health Disparities and Special Population Initiatives   
  • Harvey Young, Associate Professor, Theatre

Campus Life

Identifies and implements strategies to create a more inclusive campus environment for staff and students.


  • Pamela Beemer,  Associate Vice President of Human Resources
  • Patricia Telles-Irvin, Vice President for Student Affairs


  • Angela Edwards-Campbell, Director of Diversity and Inclusion, Kellogg
  • Assata Sankofa Kokayi, Graduate student - African American Studies
  • Kai Orton, Postdoctoral Fellow, Woodruff Laboratory, Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Ravi Shankar, Director of International Office


Identifies current outreach and recruitment efforts to underrepresented students, and identifies new opportunities.


  • Rick McGee, Associate Dean (Academic), Faculty Affairs, Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Chris Watson, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions


  • Andrea Breon, Graduate student - Speech-Language Pathology
  • Dane Chetkovich, Associate Professor, Neurology, FSM
  • Lucy Diaz, Undergraduate student – 2015
  • Jon Guryan, Associate Professor, SESP
  • Jenn Hobbs, Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs
  • Charles Kellom, Director, African American Student Affairs
  • Mike Kennedy, Director, Science Outreach and Public Engagement, Science in Society
  • Dwight McBride, Dean, The Graduate School
  • Steven McGee, Ph.D., Research Associate Professor, Learning Sciences, SESP
  • Nina Modi, Systems Manager, Student Affairs Information Technology
  • Sacha Patera, Assoc. Director of Corporate Relations, Office of Alumni Relations & Development
  • Larry Stuelpnagel, Assistant Professor, Clinical, Journalism Editorial
  • Audra Wilson, Director of Diversity Education and Outreach, Law School
  • Zafir Zaman, Graduate student - ChemE

Lifetime Connections

Increases the engagement of underrepresented alumni to enhance the diversity and inclusion efforts at Northwestern.


  • Cathy Stembridge, Associate Vice President of Alumni Relations & Development
  • Ava Youngblood (alum)


  • Zaki Anarwala (Alum – President of Muslim Alumni Association)
  • Kathleen Bethel, Librarian, Reference and Research Services Department
  • Evelyn Caliendo, Director of Planning and Special Projects
  • Gia DiGiacobbe, Educational Programs Manager, Feinberg School of Medicine
  • Roger Fong (Alum – President of Asian-Asian American Alumni Association)
  • Kerry Gray (Alum – President of Northwestern University Black Alumni Association)
  • Lauren Lowery (Alum)
  • Margaret Mersch, Benefits Financial Manager
  • Sacha Patera, Assoc. Director of Corporate Relations, Office of Alumni Relations & Development
  • Gary Riley (Alum – President of Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association)
  • Isabel Villegas (Alum – President of Latino Alumni Association)