To-Do Each Quarter

Timeline of Student Responsibilities Each Quarter

Please do your best to adhere to this timeline, as it will keep you and us ahead of the game. 
Now you can log onto AccessibleNU to request accommodation emails to your professors, schedule tests to be proctored by SSD, and other services!
Week of the Quarter Responsibility
Registration-end of Week 2 Log onto AccessibleNU to request accommodation notifications. Notify SSD about any books you need in alternate format (if applicable).
Weeks 1-2 Follow up with your professors to ensure receipt of accommodation notification and to make any necessary exam or other arrangements. 
Weeks 2-3 If you need SSD to proctor any tests, log onto AccesiibleNU and schedule them (at least one week prior to the test date is required) for the entire quarter. Request note-takers (if applicable) no later than the end of week 3.
Week 4 If note-takers were requested but haven't been located and are still needed, you must notify SSD via phone or direct link to our office email address.
Week 8 Don't forget to utilize priority registration (noon on Friday before regular registration)!
Week 9 Double-check final exam dates and revise any requests as needed before SSD's finals deadline.
Throughout the Quarter

Update SSD on changed exam dates, classes dropped, and (if applicable) if note-takers are still needed but haven't been hired.
You can also set up appointments to receive coaching, work on study and test-taking strategies, and receive other support if needed.

To-Do Each Quarter (Summary Form)

  1. Once you have been approved for accommodations and have registered for courses, please log onto AccessibleNU and submit your request for instructor notifications. Request your accommodations early each quarter (no later than the 2nd week) to minimize delays or potential problems. 
  2. SSD staff will be notified and will approve your requests (which will email your instructors or allow you to print out your notifications to hand-deliver to your instructors).
  3. Regardless of the notification format you choose, follow up with your instructors early, preferably during their office hours.
    • During this meeting, confirm receipt of your accommodation notification, discuss your needs with your instructor and, if applicable, determine how you and your instructor would like to handle your testing accommodations. Will the instructor or TA proctor the tests, or will you take the test at the SSD office?
  4. Check your syllabus to see when you have a test scheduled.
    • If you are going to take tests at the SSD office, you will need to log onto AccessibleNU at least a week in advance of the test date to schedule it.
    • If your professor is proctoring the test, remind him or her one week prior to the test of the accommodations you will need for the test.