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Requesting Accommodations for Non-Lecture Classes

If you have entered the CRN for a non-lecture course (such as a lab), you are asked to confirm that these are the classes for which you are requesting accommodations. This is because there are some services such as note-taking that you may not need in non-lecture classes. Consider the format of the class when requesting accommodations.

If you do indeed want to request accommodations in non-lecture classes, please check the box next to each class and click "Continue to select your accommodation" (see below).
You will be directed to the page that reads, "Final Step: Select Accommodations(s) for Each Class." Follow the same steps you used to request accommodations.

AccessibleNU requesting accomodations for non lecture classes - screen shot

After Requesting Accommodation Notifications

Now, unless you want to

you're done with the process of requesting accommodation notifications.

Follow up with your instructors to ensure they have received your accommodation notifications and to discuss testing arrangements. You may also find our exam-proctoring details page helpful.