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Editing Accomodation Requests

Double-checking or editing previous accommodation requests requires logging into AccessibleNU. You will be directed to “My Dashboard,” under the “My Accommodations” drop-down menu on the left-hand side of your screen. Please select “List Accommodations.”

accessiblenu editing accomodation requests screen

Beneath the “Step 3 - Process to Request Accommodations,” all of your requests will be listed by class under the current term. To check the status of any previous or future accommodation requests, simply click on the blue links titled, “Previous Term” or “Next Term” on either side of the current term.

In order to modify any of accommodation requests, simply scroll down to the class you wish to edit and click the blue link titled “Modify Request” to the right of the appropriate course name.

accessiblenu - modify request screen shot

You may now edit your accommodations by selecting the appropriate boxes. Uncheck the boxes next to accommodations you do not wish to request.

NOTE: Remember that some service requests, like, note-taking, may not be available for non-lecture or online classes. When you are satisfied with your selections, click the “Update Request” button.

accessiblenu - accomodation requests screen shots

Your screen should read “System update is successful. System has successfully processed your request." Please login to AccessibleNU in 3 business days to see if your request has been approved.

After Editing Accommodation Requests

Now, unless you want to

you're done with the process of requesting accommodation notifications.

Follow up with your instructors to ensure they have received your accommodation notifications and to discuss testing arrangements. You may also find our exam-proctoring details page helpful.