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Sexual Violence Resources

Women's Center

We believe survivors. The Women's Center is committed to ending sexual violence on this and every campus. We support our colleagues at the Center for Awareness, Response, and Education who serve as a confidential resource for students who have experienced sexual violence, domestic violence, or stalking at any point in their life and take up the work of educating the community through their own programming and close advisement of student groups.

We also work closely with the Office of Equity who conduct investigations, offer informal support and accommodations, and produce outreach and education for the university. 

Programs and Walk-In Hours

For the 2019-2020 academic year Kanika Wadhwa (MA LCPC), Women's Advocacy & Wellness Specialist, was holding Let's Talk hours from 11am to 1pm at the Women's Center every Thursday, free of charge and without appointment. Please check back soon for a plan for continued support as we move to remote service. 

As advisors for College Feminists, the Women's Center participates in the planning and support of Sex Week and Take Back the Night each April. 

It is not uncommon for our programming to touch on issues of sexual violence. When we can foresee such conversations, we try to be mindful and provide on-site confidential support with the help of our partners in CAPS or the Employee Assistance Program. We are working to provide a greater breadth of support for staff and faculty who are not eligible for some of the support services students receive. Recently we have accomplished this by reaching out to EAP and inviting community partners to offer workshops in our space. We recognize that staff and faculty may be navigating not only vicarious trauma, but their own process as survivors and we seek to foster a space that speaks to hard truths while remaining vigilant to the needs of those healing and seeking support.  

Campus resources

For Students

For Staff and Faculty

Community Resources

  • Apna Ghar – Counseling, advocacy, and emergency shelter provided across immigrant communities
  • Center for Contextual Change – Counseling for perpetrators of sexual or domestic violence, as well as survivors
  • Center on Halsted – Free or low-cost counseling services specializing in working with LGBTQ individuals
  • Evanston Victim Services – Medical & Court Advocacy, Assistance with Obtaining Orders of Protection
  • KAN-WIN – Provides multi-lingual free counseling and legal advocacy for Asian-American and Asian immigrant survivors or sexual or domestic violence
  • Mujeres Latinas En Accion, Chicago - Counseling, Advocacy, 24-hour crisis line: (312) 738-5358

Sexual Assault

Dating/Domestic Violence