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Create a Group

NOTE: To perform any of the tasks listed on this page, you must first click Add/Manage Events at the top right-hand corner of the PlanIt Purple home page. Log in using your NetID and password if necessary. This will take you to your dashboard.

  1. To create a new planit purple group, click Create a New Group under My Groups heading.

    screenshot of Create a New Group button
  2. Name your group’s calendar by typing its name in the Group Name field. Once you’ve named your group, a list of groups with similar names that already exist in PlanIt Purple may appear below the Group Name field. If this occurs, be sure to see if any of the listed groups already belong to your group; if so, you’ll need to contact that group’s calendar administrator for access. Do so by clicking the name of the appropriate group administrator.

    screenshot of Create Group form
  3. Enter a  brief Description of your calendar and/or group here.
  4. Choose a Default Event Category from the drop-down menu below the description field. We have eleven broadly classified categories based on event types:
    • Academic: Events that present learning opportunities and/or are related to Northwestern’s course listings.
    • Athletics: As you may have already inferred, these events are sports-related.
    • Fine Arts: Events specific to the Fine Arts (such as gallery displays or music recitals).
    • Fitness and Recreation: Events that are related to versatile leisure opportunities and promote healthy lifestyle.
    • Global and Civic Engagement: Events that support community service and are targeted towards global problems.
    • Lectures & Meetings: Events by established clubs, groups, or committees, whether student- or faculty/staff-based; also academic talks and discussions.
    • Multicultural & Diversity: List multicultural and diversity focused events under this category.
    • Social: These events are more leisurely than scholarly.
    • Religious: Events involving spirituality or worship.
    • Training: Events to list trainings offered on/off campus.
    • Other: Events not related to any of the above categories.
  5. Specify whether or not your group is a registered student group by clicking either the Yes or No radio button for Are you a Registered Student Group? question.
  6. Click Request Group. You’ll see a message thanking you for submitting your group.
  7. Click the Dashboard tab to see a page listing the groups you administer. The group you’ve just created will be listed on this page. From the Dashboard, you can create events in PlanIt Purple and control administrative options for your group.

Now that you've created a group, check the events section to see how to add events to it and modify the events you've added.