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U7+ Worldwide Student Forum

What is the Worldwide Student Forum?

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Climate Change: Intergenerational Conflict or Intergenerational Alliance?

2021 Worldwide Student Forum

The second annual U7+ Worldwide Student Forum, hosted by University College London with support from Northwestern University and the U7+ Student Leaders Board, will be held from July – November, 2021. The Forum will bring together 94 students from 24 U7+ universities in 12 countries around the question, Climate Change: Intergenerational Conflict or Intergenerational Alliance?  

Alongside this year’s G7 summit in June and the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in November, the U7+ Worldwide Student Forum 2021 will bring student voices to the center of creating solutions in a way that takes the interests and rights of future generations into account. 

During the Forum, student delegates will participate in academic roundtables that are part of the All4Climate Pre-COP26 Programme, in masterclasses led by UCL faculty, and in peer-to-peer sessions led by the U7+ Student Leaders Board. Delegates will gain experience in global engagement and networking, and learn useful skills to make a positive impact, such as advocacy, resilience, policy making and persuasive writing.  Learn more about the 2021 Worldwide Student Forum.

2020 Worldwide Student Forum

In Summer 2020, 85 students from 22 universities in 12 countries convened virtually to address one big question: How should universities best prepare students for life after graduation in light of the global COVID-19 pandemic and global and local events since its onset? The students participated in the inaugural U7+ Worldwide Student Forum, which Northwestern University hosted as a precursor for the November 2020 U7+ Alliance of World Universities Summit.

The U7+ Alliance of World Universities is the first alliance of university presidents aimed at defining concrete actions universities can take to collectively address global challenges in coordination with government leaders in G7 countries and beyond. 

The students who participated in the 2020 U7+ Worldwide Student Forum prepared video messages for their institutions’ leaders, with recommendations on U7+ Alliance Commitments, Principles and Actions, and creating meaningful learning experiences amid COVID-19.  U7+ university leaders had an opportunity to hear students’ video messages and engage in discussions about their recommendations during the 2020 U7+ SummitLearn more about the 2020 Worldwide Student Forum.