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Travel Safety

Northwestern University takes all reasonable steps to help students be safe during their study abroad program. In collaboration with the Office of Global Safety and Security, staff members in the Study Abroad Office, International Program Development and Global Engagement Studies Institute regularly and responsbily monitor safety issues in each of Northwestern's undergraduate study abroad program locations. The faculty-led University Study Abroad Committee (USAC) also undertakes regular reviews of all study abroad progrmas in which safety, security and overall quality are measured. Learn more about Northwestern’s approach to international risk management and how the university accesses security information resources to monitor world events that may impact travel.

However, the most important person responsible for keeping safe is you, the student.

  • You are responsible for reviewing the safety information provided to you by Northwestern and your program provider.
  • You are responsible for handling the advice provided by local staff about how to stay safe abroad, particularly when on your own.
  • You are responsible for any poor choices you make that may jeopardize your health or safety, or the health and safety of those around you. Learn more about arrest and detention abroad.

Student safety precautions

Be informed. Read the U.S. Department of State (U.S. DOS) country information sheet on your program location(s) as well as any corresponding Travel Alerts (or warnings).

Enroll your travel dates in the U.S. DOS Smart Travelers Enrollment Program. This allows the United States government to act quickly in concert with other governments if you go missing or are a victim of a serious crime. Also, by providing your email address, you will be added to a consular listserv to receive local security updates related to road closures, transportation strikes, civil unrest, etc. Read more tips for safety abroad in the Travel Safety section of the Office of Global Safety and Security's website.