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Taking Business and Law Courses Abroad

Northwestern will only grant transfer credit for study abroad courses in subjects that are taught at the undergraduate level. Since students can pursue minors in Business Institutions or Legal Studies, or an Undergraduate Business Certificate from Kellogg School of Management, some Business and Law courses taken abroad may be granted credit.

If you hope to receive any type of credit at Northwestern for Business and Law courses taken abroad (including general credit towards graduation), you should ensure that the courses are taught at the level of Northwestern's Business/Economics and Law-related courses, cover similar types of material, and utilize similar tools.

Business courses that may be credit-worthy:

  • Accounting (You may receive only 1 course credit for accounting. The course content should be similar to Business Institutions 301: Accounting, formerly Business Institutions 260: Accounting and Business Finance.)
  • Macro/Micro economics
  • Organizational theory
  • Courses that have a prerequisite of macro/micro economics
  • Courses that have a prerequisite of organizational theory
  • Advanced organizational theory courses
  • Courses that focus on organizations and institutions
  • Business German, Spanish, French, etc.

Note: Students in Kellogg School of Management's Certificate Program for Undergraduates may be allowed to substitute one honors- or graduate- level Business course for one Certificate course. The course must be on the same topic and cover the same material, and course materials must be provided in advance. Contact Carol Henes, Director of the Certificate Program for Undergraduates, at 847-467-4600 for more details.

Steps for obtaining credit

Law courses
Contact the Legal Studies Program at 847-467-2207 for additional information regarding study abroad.

Business courses

  1. Meet with a Business Institution Program advisor before going abroad! Schedule an appointment by calling 847-491-2706. 
  2. Bring course descriptions (as detailed as possible) and a list of alternative courses to this meeting.

For additional information, visit the Business Institution Program's website. 

Important Reminders

  • If you are majoring or minoring in Economics or Business Institutions and you take multiple Business courses abroad, you will probably not receive major and/or minor credit for all of these courses.
  • Departmental advisers decide whether or not study abroad credits fulfill requirements for your major and minor, and your school representative must approve distribution or other school requirements. You will need to follow the school's specific credit transfer policies and procedures in order to petition for major, minor, or distribution credit.