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Pre-Planning Session

October 15, 2009

On October 15th, over 70 senior leaders from across the university met to begin preliminary discussions regarding the next university strategic plan. Provost Linzer kicked-off the meeting by explaining that the deans and vice presidents had come together over the summer to identify priority areas for the coming decade. These areas were the basis of a draft framework that the participants were charged with discussing and refining. 

Participants were broken into eight tables and discussed the list of potential workgroups that would be charged as part of the strategic planning process. Along with commenting on the total list, each table was also asked to focus on a specific workgroup for a deeper analysis. Following the discussions, a representative from each table shared major themes that were raised. Suggestions of new workgroups, different workgroup names, and additional questions were offered.

Concluding remarks by Provost Linzer shed light on the difficult task of prioritizing ambitions as part of the planning process. He thanked the participants and asked for their continued involvement throughout the strategic planning process.