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Strategic Partnerships

April 30, 2010

As part of the development of Northwestern's strategic plan, the Strategic Partnerships workgroup would like input from the broad Northwestern community.  In particular, they would like to hear from you about current external partnerships and collaborations that you are aware of and suggestions for future partners.

A strategic partnership brings together internal and external groups, in order to achieve a major, mutually beneficial, impact of central importance to the University's mission.  A strategic partnership normally involves some formal relationship. An example would be Northwestern's formal partnership with Argonne National Laboratory.

The Northwestern community also has important collaborations that are generally less formal and can exist at any level.  Such collaborations can collectively achieve strategic importance. An example of such a strategically important suite of collaborations would be the collective impact of student involvement in local communities.

The committee is mainly concerned with the more formal University-level partnerships, but would also appreciate creative suggestions about existing and future collaborations that could grow into strategic university wide initiatives.

You may provide feedback through an online survey or by completing a form. Both options contain the same questions.

Please email your response to

Feedback will be accepted through Friday, May 14th.