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Social Justice Training

Our Commitment:

We commit to expanding diversity training and anti-racism programs and curricula for all faculty, staff and students. Senior administrators and academic leaders will undertake anti-racism training in summer quarter of 2020 and will develop and sponsor mandatory training sessions and programs for all campuses.

Fall Quarter 2021 Update

“The Next 250,” anti-racism programming coordinated by the Office of Equity for approximately 250 faculty and staff leaders, is currently underway. The sessions challenge each leader to examine their role in both perpetuating racism and in guiding Northwestern to a better future.

We are also announcing a campus-wide digital learning initiative on social justice and anti-racism topics. This program for all faculty, staff and students will provide access to three custom, on-demand learning modules about unconscious bias, allyship and analyzing historic racism in the U.S. and at Northwestern.

The primary goal of these modules is to develop a shared foundational understanding of key concepts related to anti-racism.  

Spring Quarter 2021 Update

Last fall, the University took steps to raise senior leaders’ understanding of anti-racism and social justice. Since then, the University has contracted with Justice Informed, a Chicago-based social impact consulting firm, to develop and facilitate anti-racism programming for approximately 250 faculty and staff leaders. This program, “The Next 250,” begins this fall with three bi-weekly sessions covering anti-racism theory, the difference between diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and anti-racism, how both are needed to lead the University to sustained inclusivity, and opportunities for the leaders to advance such objectives. In addition to The Next 250 program, the University is partnering with faculty and staff subject matter experts to develop a digital anti-racism series for students, faculty and staff. We anticipate launching in spring 2022.  

This spring we also announced a cross-University program to develop organizational capability for restorative justice practices. The program will be housed in the Office of Equity and will be available to students, staff and faculty. The first cohort of facilitators completed a three-week intensive training in May, and the second cohort is scheduled to complete training in July. The program is anticipated to launch in fall 2021.

Winter Quarter 2021 Update

Anti-racism programming for approximately 250 mid-level leaders is currently in development, incorporating feedback from participants in the senior administrator anti-racism training that was hosted in October 2020. This training is on track to be completed by Aug. 31, 2021.

Additionally, we are developing digital anti-racism training for all students, faculty and staff customized to the experience of each group and will highlight the expertise of Northwestern faculty and staff. The anticipated launch date for the first module is September 2021.

Finally, we have created a cross-University program to unite resources on restorative justice. This builds on programming introduced by Social Justice Education (SJE) in August 2017 and is in collaboration with the Office of Community Standards, the Office of Equity and the Office of Human Resources. The program will now be housed in the Office of Equity and will be available to students, staff and faculty. Training and development with the program sponsors will begin in Spring and the anticipated program launch date is Fall 2021.

Fall Quarter 2020 Update

Social Justice and Unconscious Bias Training Programs

Progress is well underway to develop and implement anti-racism and unconscious bias training programs for all faculty and staff across our Chicago and Evanston campuses.

The process for implementation will be approached in phases:

  • Phase 1: More than 50 top senior administrators and academic leaders completed training delivered through two half-day, cohort-based sessions with external consultant Kaleel Jamison Group.
  • Phase 2: Programming for Level 3 and Level 4 leaders is being developed based on participant feedback and collaboration between HR/Learning and the Social Justice Action Leaders with an expected date for delivery Winter Quarter 2021.

Broad-based, asynchronous learning for the rest of the staff and faculty through coordination with our Affinity Groups and Change Makers will be discussed for future implementation.