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Social Justice Commitments

Campus-wide actions to build a more inclusive and equitable community


Social Justice Matters

Northwestern's commitments to social justice build upon the long-standing history of advocacy and activism of our students, faculty, staff, and alumni. Many of them have faced marginalization on campus and in society but have remained committed to creating a better Northwestern for all. Our leaders appreciate their dedication and are working in earnest to ensure Northwestern University is more welcoming and equitable. 


This website is part of the University's priority to advance its commitments to social justice with greater transparency and fuller engagement. A secondary goal of this website includes highlighting the ongoing institutional work that is being led by our community partners, students, faculty, and staff to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice through policy, research, programs, education, and community action.

Recent Milestones

Track our progress.

We update the website regularly with reports about the progress we've made toward our commitments.

Opportunities for Engagement

We encourage you to get involved. Here are just a few of many ways to participate.

multicultural affairs group

Ways to Participate

Get acquainted with current equity and inclusion efforts. Explore the many initiatives, groups, support services and research happening at Northwestern.

Engage with social justice topics. Programming such as trainings and workshops is offered to educate and support our community.