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Billing & Payment

You will receive a monthly tuition and fees invoice from Student Finance. The initial invoice for each academic term will show a credit for one-third of your annual budgeted amount (one-fourth for some graduate students and one-half for medical and law students). An additional credit will be reflected for the student health plan for the fall term. Any remaining balance due for the term should be paid with that invoice. Payment records for the 9PAY plan and the tuition and fees invoice are kept separately.

How to pay

Payments can be made online or by check. A late fee may be charged to the student's account if a 9PAY payment is not received by the due date. If a payment is late by 30 days or more, the Student Finance reserves the right to cancel your 9PAY participation.


Online payers can schedule all payments at one time instead of having to mail nine separate checks. No envelope, stamp, or coupon is needed. Student or guest 9PAY participants can make 9PAY payments via CAESAR.  Securely schedule your 9PAY payments as direct debits from your bank account. See Making a 9PAY Payment for navigation and step-by-step instructions.


Mailed payments are due on the first day of the month. Payments start July 1 (prior to the start of the fall term) and the final monthly payment for the school year is due March 1. Enclose a 9PAY coupon with your mailed payment. See Payment Methods for the mailing address, and other payment details.