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Copier Management Program

Ricoh has been selected as the single vendor to implement a campus-wide print management solution.  Refer all new Print Management Program questions to the awarded contractor, Ricoh. Visit the Ricoh MPS Project Background webpage to learn more about the new solution.

Gordon Flesch and Regal are no longer preferred vendors; however, as the 3-year leases on their equipment come to an end, departments and schools may need to contact Gordon Flesch or Regal for questions or to pick-up equipment.

Contact information

For billing questions, please email Keith Paddy at 


Lease Plan

The plan lasts for 36, 48 or 60 months. Charges include:

Lease-to-Own Plan

The plan lasts for 36, 48 or 60 months. At the end of the lease, the department or school owns the machine. Charges include:

Please Note: Toner is included in the monthly cost, so there is never be a need to order toner from another vendor and pay extra for it. For more information, see sidebar article on "Toner Pirates".

Departments or schools may purchase a copier with a single payment. There is no option for upgrade or downgrade. The department or school is charged the contract cost-per-copy/click rate which includes toner, supplies and maintenance. Benefits of the program:

Recycle Used Copier Toner Cartridges

All Copier Management Program Vendors offer programs to return used toner cartridges free of charge:

Ricoh Business Solutions

Ricoh’s program utilizes one of their subsidiaries, IKON, and requires that users register at their website to request boxes and labels to return cartridges. Once an account is set up, there are a couple of ways users can use the program:

The program is designed to be very eco-friendly; therefore, there are some parameters around the quantities that are sent back. The minimum number of toner or ink cartridges is four per prepaid label so that less material and fuel are used to recycle the product.

Note: This program is free of charge for all Ricoh cartridges as well as any other toner cartridges that need to be recycled (such as HP).

Regal Business Machines

Regal’s recycling program is administered through Konica Minolta and can be accessed on the Konica Minolta website. Whether you have a single Konica Minolta desktop printer, an entire fleet of bizhub multi-function printers, bizhub PRO or bizhub PRESS production print equipment, you’ll be able to recycle toner cartridges and consumables including waste toner boxes, imaging units, developer or developer units and drums.

For small quantities, single consumable items can be recycled by printing a postage paid UPS label. Simply apply it to the new box containing the used consumable item and ship via UPS. For larger quantities, a recycling box designed to hold 10-15 items (consumables only, not shipping materials) can be ordered. Simply assemble the box and the reusable lid and place it in your office. When the box is full, you can print out a UPS label from this site, apply it to the box and ship via UPS.

Note: Only Konica Minolta Clean Planet boxes can be accepted. This program is for Konica Minolta branded consumables only.

Gordon Flesch

Gordon Flesch’s recycling program is administered through Canon and can be accessed on the Canon website. You need your machine’s serial number from the electrical information label (rating plate) of your machine to return your cartridge using this web site. (The serial number may be located on the back bottom or side of the machine.) You will need to create a login and password.

If possible, please return more than one cartridge per shipping label (two or more) to help conserve resources, and reduce energy use and shipping costs. Cartridges are returned via FedEx.

Note: Canon only authorizes the use of this site to print labels to return Canon brand cartridges. You have to print one label per shipment.

Regardless of the vendor you use, once the box is ready to be shipped with the prepaid label attached, it can be given to your mail carrier if you don’t have a UPS or FedEx pickup in your building.

Recycle Used Cartridges from Desktop Printers & Fax Machines

Contact Mail Services at 1-7227 for a free pickup.