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Most murders in Chicago happen in public places — parks, alleyways, cars. Scores of Harper students will tell you they've actually seensomeone shot. Reporter Alex Kotlowitz talks with a junior named Thomas, who has seen more than his fair share. Thomas meets with his social worker, Anita Stewart, and tries to explain what it feels like to hold all of these images — and feelings — inside of him. He worries he can't hold on to them much longer.
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In the first hour of our Harper High School shows, Alex Kotlowitz talked to a junior named Devonte who a year earlier had accidentally shot and killed his 14-year-old brother. Devonte was forming a strong relationship with Crystal Smith, one of the social workers, and beginning to come to terms with both his grief and guilt. Alex checks back in with Devonte and finds out that his life has taken some troubling turns.
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