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Changing Course

Alumni of all ages switch careers in pursuit of job satisfaction and personal happiness.

by Elizabeth Canning Blackwell
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TOC - Mongol Rally

The Mongol Rally by Dominic Frank

Engineer Dominic Frank drove from England to Mongolia — in a heap — on a whim and a prayer.

TOC - Pioneering Presence

Pioneering Presence by Patty Dowd Schmitz

Doris Johnson has been a leader in recognizing that children with learning disabilities can make significant progress.

TOC - Thiers

Sitting Pretty by Ryan Haggerty

Opera singer Genevieve Thiers has turned her love of baby-sitting into a profitable Internet matchmaking service for parents and baby sitters.

TOC - Woods

Room to Read by Asa Church

More than 850 million people in the world lack basic literacy skills. A Kellogg alumnus aims to reduce that number. Significantly.

TOC - Homecoming

Picture-Perfect Gathering

Reunions and Homecoming 2006.