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University Statements

Update on demonstration on Deering Meadow

April 25, 2024
Throughout the day, University officials spoke with the demonstrators, including a two-hour meeting with senior administrators this evening, to convey that while we strongly support free expression, the safety of all members of our community cannot and will not be compromised, nor can their expression disrupt the learning environment or University operations.

Statement on April 25 encampment

April 25, 2024
Earlier this morning, community members attempted to set up a tent encampment on Deering Meadow on the University’s Evanston campus, an act that is prohibited under University policies.

Statement on April 15 demonstration

April 21, 2024
The following aims to clarify some misinformation that the University has seen in media and social media about the demonstration that took place Monday, April 15.

State’s Attorney’s Office drops charges

February 8, 2024
On Wednesday, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, after consulting with representatives from the Students Publishing Company (SPC), decided to dismiss criminal charges against two Northwestern students who had been charged with theft of advertising services in the distribution of “fake” Daily Northwestern newspapers last October.

Statement on Department of Education investigation

January 23, 2024
The University was notified by the U.S. Department of Education that it has opened an investigation into a complaint that Northwestern violated Title VI of the federal Civil Rights Act. The University will respond to the Department of Education and cooperate with its investigation.

Statement on claims made by outside advocacy group

December 20, 2023
Northwestern does not tolerate antisemitism or discriminatory acts against any members of its community. Northwestern will not stand idly by as outside groups push false narratives to harm the University and our community.

Statement on fake copies of The Daily Northwestern

October 25, 2023
On Wednesday, someone or some group distributed fake copies of the University’s independent, student-run newspaper, The Daily Northwestern, across the Evanston campus. The fake newspaper included images and language about Israel that many in our community found offensive. The student newspaper, which is a separate entity from the University, is looking into the issue.

Statement on Education City faculty statement

October 23, 2023
The views represented in the statement issued by a group of faculty members in Education City, Qatar, earlier today do not represent the views of Northwestern University. We mourn the loss of life throughout the region. Our students, faculty and staff at NU-Qatar – many of whom have already lost loved ones – remain in our hearts and minds.

University statement on professor Khaled Al-Hroub’s interview with WBUR

October 17, 2023
While Northwestern firmly supports academic freedom and freedom of expression, we condemn any attempt to minimize or misrepresent the horrific killing of Israeli civilians by Hamas on Oct. 7. Khaled Al-Hroub's opinions are his own. Individual faculty members do not represent the views or beliefs of the University.