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Responsibility During Difficult Dialogues

Dear members of the Northwestern community,

Northwestern encourages and protects freedom of expression — a foundational principle of our democracy. The fact that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is being vigorously debated on our campus is testament to that commitment. As we engage in dialogue, we ask that all students, faculty and staff practice those freedoms responsibly and with a concern for other members of our community in adherence to campus policies and community standards.

It is important that everyone on our campus — on all sides of the issue — feels safe and supported. University leaders have been reaching out to members of the Jewish and Palestinian communities on campus to listen and provide support. Student Affairs continues to provide resources to help students who need support including through the office of Religious & Spiritual Life (RSL). RSL will host a series of interfaith gatherings designed for relationship building and community dialogue.

We encourage members of the Northwestern community to engage the extant scholarship and the insights of experts regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and we expect dialogue to be held in meaningful, respectful ways.