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Welcome to Spring Quarter 2020

We will continue to teach, learn and push forward the frontiers of knowledge.”

Dear Members of the Northwestern Community,

Today we begin the 2020 spring quarter.  It goes without saying that the world has changed in unimaginable ways during our extended break.

While our university family is scattered far and wide, we will continue to teach, learn and push forward the frontiers of knowledge.  This is only possible through the remarkable efforts of our faculty and staff, and the extraordinary resilience and flexibility of our students.

As classes resume virtually, we ask that you be patient with yourselves and each other as we work together using new methods and technologies. 

At a moment when history calls us to be at our very best, so many of you have responded with courage and creativity.  You continue to assist the most vulnerable, helping save lives and heal communities.  Thank you for all you have been doing.  I know that this spirit of caring and cooperation will live on.

When it is safe to greet you in person, I will be there, teaching in Harris Hall, giving fireside chats, and attending performances, lectures and sporting events.  I can’t wait to walk again through our campuses, motivated by the excellence that surrounds me.

Until then, I hope and pray that you and your families stay safe and healthy.

Go ’Cats.