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Mission & Vision


The Investment Office acts as stewards of Northwestern University’s Endowment in order to provide a stable and growing stream of income to support the University’s academic and research goals for current and future generations.


The Investment Office will be recognized globally for its top tier portfolio performance and its thoughtful, long-term approach to investing. Its reputation, sound investment practices and team stability will make it a partner of choice for best in class investment managers.


Integrity & Honesty: We will have the courage to always speak the truth and act in ways consistent with our Mission. We will maintain the highest ethical standards, which in turn will protect and enhance our reputation with the University’s many constituencies.

Teamwork: We honor the diversity and dignity of each team member. A collaborative decision making process ensures that the contributions of each individual are important and highly valued.

Excellence: We strive for exceptional long-term performance through continuous improvement and innovation. We creatively seek and objectively evaluate a multitude of investment strategies in markets near and far.

Preferred Partner: We will thoughtfully develop, align and strengthen our relationships with our investment managers. We will act in a fair and transparent manner to establish and preserve trust in all situations.