Setting Up Your File

Follow these steps to set up your recommendation file, as early as January 15th of each application year. Our office recommends setting up your file by mid–April at the latest to give your recommenders at least one to two months to submit your letter of recommendation.

Keep in mind there is a fee requirement to use this service. If you have questions, contact

Get started

  1. Fill out the set-up form

    First, fill out the Recommendation File Set-Up Form

  2. Access your AdviseStream account

    Once we receive your Recommendation File Set-Up Form, we'll send you an email with further information about accessing your AdviseStream account, the Recommendation File Service, and a step-by-step guide to get started.

  3. Provide a resume and personal statement

    You are encouraged (but not required) to upload a personal statement draft and resume to your AdviseStream account, to be made accessible to your recommenders. You can do this by uploading those files into the "COMMON FILES" feature, located in the upper right of your Letters of Evaluation Planner page.  These materials are helpful in writing a thoughtful recommendation. If you do not submit these documents through AdviseStream, you may instead send them directly to recommenders.

  4. Add recommenders

    You can add recommenders at any time, up to a maximum of six, by following the instructions listed on the Adding a Recommender page. Our AdviseStream system will contact the recommenders and gather letters and evaluations on your behalf. Recommenders do not need to be affiliated with Northwestern University to use the AdviseStream system.

  5. List packet on electronic applications

    Be sure to list your recommendation file on electronic applications for AMCAS, AACOMAS, TMDSAS, AADSAS, and similar systems to alert them a letter packet will be coming in the future. See Listing File on Applications for step-by-step instructions. Once you've listed your letter packet on your applications, be sure to also provide AdviseStream with your application ID (and letter ID, for AMCAS users) in the Application Information section of your Letters of Evaluation planner. This helps ensure that your letter packet is labeled and uploaded correctly by our office.

  6. Let us know when you're ready

    Once you see that all of your requested recommendations and evaluations have been submitted (visible on your Letters of Evaluation (LOE) planner page in AdviseStream), double check that you've indicated all of the correct application and letter ID information for your chosen application systems. Then, on the Application Information page of your LOE planner, check the box and sign your name to indicate that you are ready for our office to upload your completed packet to the application systems of your choosing. Do not submit this form until you are certain you are ready for the HPA office to upload your letter packet. Once a packet is uploaded, we cannot edit or submit it again.