Re-Opening Your File

Our office maintains letters of recommendation files for three (3) years from the date they were created. If you have an existing recommendation file and would like to re-open it for the upcoming application cycle, our office would be glad to assist you in this process. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Fill out the Recommendation File Set-up Form and indicate that you will be re-opening an existing file.
  2. If this is your first time using Inspire for the Recommendation File Service, please email and let us know which existing letters you will be using this cycle, if any. Please also indicate whether you will be requesting updated letters from any of your existing recommenders.
  3. Upload your resume and personal statement draft to your Inspire account.
  4. Review the information listed below.
  5. You can also meet with an advisor to talk about this application cycle.

Updating personal information

Once you have access to Inspire, you will need to complete the "Background Information" section, add any required personal information, as well as upload a new resume and personal statement draft.

Requesting updated recommendation letters

It is our understanding that, in general, medicals schools prefer to see letters of recommendation that have been dated within the current application year. Our office advises students that, whenever possible, it is beneficial to their application to obtain updated letters. Check with your recommenders to make sure they are willing/able to write an updated letter, and then let us know via email at which recommenders will be submitting updated letters. We will then send you specifc information on how to list these recommenders in your Rec- File.

Adding and removing a recommender from your file

To add a new recommender to previously existing file, simply follow the instructions on Adding Recommenders. Please keep in mind that each file is limited to a maximum of six letters, and all of the letters in your file at the time of completion are sent to all of the schools to which you apply.

For any recommenders that you would like to remove, simply send an email to listing the recommender’s name and they will be deleted from your file. Please keep in mind that removing a recommender is a permanent action. If the recommender has already submitted a letter, it cannot be added back at a later date.