Where Will I Thrive?

Here are some -- but not all -- criteria applicants consider when answering this question. Not all factors may carry equal weight with all applicants.

Institutional mission

Curriculum, teaching methods, and grading

All medical schools deliver the same content but the way that content is taught can differ.


Many applicants may use this factor as a way to start researching medical schools but hopefully will find other factors to help support their med school choice. We recommend not using location as the main reason you chose to apply to the school in a secondary application essay or interview question.


Clinical experiences

When will you actually work with a real patient? What are the opportunities to observe practicing physicians? How will the medical school prepare you to work with patients?

Facilities and hospital affiliations


Student body and advising


Support in area

History of school and pass rates

Common myths

Career Myth: You should choose a school that is strong in your preferred residency area.

Location Myth: You should choose a school based on where you eventually want to settle.