Choosing a Med School

We're here to help guide you in the med school decision process. To start, consider the following questions.

How many med schools should I apply to?

Consider costs

Consider time

You may be required to answer three to 12 essays per secondary application. Each application typcially takes one to five hours to complete on average.

Use our Secondary Application Essay excel worksheet in the HPA Recommendation File Service Canvas course site in the “Files” section to start drafting your essay responses. Some schools change their essays so please let us know if a secondary essay question has changed.

Where am I competitive?

Use the Medical Schools Admission Requirements (MSAR) online database to compare the following information to your own statistics.

It is okay to apply to a few schools in which your statistics fall outside of the 10%. But, if you find that your statistics are consistently under most schools’ 10%, we would recommend improving the science GPA and/or MCAT before applying.