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School of Education and Social Policy

Our team executed an integrated marketing and communications strategy across digital, environmental, print, and in the news media to raise SESP’s profile as a cutting-edge force for good in the world -- creating connections and making people’s lives better.

Communications Platform

We created a comprehensive communications platform and positioning statement to bring consistency, clarity and specificity to all SESP messages.

SESP building + logo


Multi-Channel Rollout

A steady stream of content across web, social and email drove engagement over time. The SESP homepage housed the video, with messaging that encouraged further engagement in key areas: exploring programs, discovering research, and making a gift.

SESP Landing Page

SESP Landing Page

Social Media


Northwestern Now

 SESP Northwestern Now Story


We designed and produced a donor-centric brochure, distributed to Board of Trustees and to high-level donors as a conversation piece.


Brochure PDF

Magazine Redesign

We created a new name and positioning line for SESP’s magazine, consulted on the redesign, and helped ensure greater emphasis on the human story and social good, all while developing a more contemporary feel overall.

SESP Magazine

Integrated Media Relations

The second issue of the redesigned SESP magazine was produced and designed by our team in partnership with SESP, and featured Northwestern head football coach Pat Fitzgerald on the cover.

SESP Magazine for Integrated Media Relations

Fitzgerald on WTTW

With integrated media relations support, our team secured a featured interview with Coach Fitzgerald on WTTW talking about the leadership skills he developed while a student at SESP.

WTTW Interview

Environmental Design

To make SESP’s space in Annenberg a physical manifestation of this new work, OGMC partnered with SESP’s architects to extend our narratives with environmental design.

SESP Environmental Design

environmental image


SESP Dean David Figlio has reported great success employing the video with the Board of Trustees, prospective students, potential partners, and more, helping him with the clarity of his message. He and his team have also reported using the new communications platform and all the related materials to:

  • Draw more faculty talent to the University
  • Attract top prospective undergraduates and graduates
  • Build awareness within community
  • Increase partner engagement, including Trustees and donors

SESP Facebook

  • 19,437 people reached
  • 8,891 video views
  • 463 engagements

Northwestern Facebook

  • 17,612 people reached
  • 7,274 video views
  • 74 engagements

Northwestern LinkedIn

  • 9.3K viewers
  • 136 engagements