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The University Statutes lay out the structure of faculty governance. The Statutes are the highest governing document of the Faculty Assembly and may only be amended by the Board of Trustees.

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Section 2: University Faculty Assembly

A. Functions

The University Faculty Assembly shall regularly meet, discuss, and deliberate upon matters of general University interest, including all teaching and research activities, and campus life. It may also make recommendations and pass resolutions on particular issues referred to it by the President or Provost of the University, the Board of Trustees, or the Faculty Senate. On its own initiative it may submit recommendations and resolutions to the Board of Trustees, transmitted through the President or Provost, on any matter affecting the interests of the University.

B. Membership

The membership of the University Faculty Assembly consists of all regular full-time faculty members in tenure and non-tenure track positions. This includes clinical and lecturer faculty who hold the rank of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor, Clinical Professor, Clinical Associate Professor, Clinical Assistant Professor, Professor of Instruction, Distinguished Senior Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, or Lecturer, as well as administrators with a faculty appointment within the University in one of the ranks listed above. Ten percent of the members of the University Faculty Assembly shall constitute a quorum. While the Faculty Senate is the elected, representative body of the faculty, when the University Faculty Assembly is convened with a quorum, it becomes the ultimate legislative body of the faculty at Northwestern University. 

C. Officers

The University President or his designate will preside over the meetings of the University Faculty Assembly. The Faculty Senate Chair, in consultation with the President or his designate, will establish its agenda. The President will represent the University Faculty Assembly to the Board of Trustees. 

D. Bylaws

The University Faculty Assembly shall have the power to adopt and amend bylaws governing its composition, organization, and procedures in a manner consistent with the University Statutes.