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Religious Literacy Program

Northwestern embraces an expansive vision of diversity, one that includes an understanding of the importance of religious identity and of religion as a social institution that impacts individuals’ lives. The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion (OIDI) is excited to announce the launch of our Religious Literacy Program, an initiative in collaboration with the Office of the President and various campus partners. Aligned with Northwestern's guiding principles and strategic priorities, the Religious Literacy Program is designed to foster understanding, empathy, and inclusivity across religious differences and educate our campus community on role of religion in social, political, and cultural life. 

What's in the Works

  • Synchronous Educational Offerings: In partnership with key campus stakeholders, we will offer workshops, panels, and speaker events centered on interfaith knowledge and experiences. Topics include “Navigating Religious Difference in a Pluralistic Society,” “Religious Intolerance & Fostering Understanding,” and “Race, Faith, and Diversity.” 
  • Asynchronous Educational Offerings: To engage diverse learning styles and reach a wide audience, we will develop a newsletter series and resource guides that promote understanding of religious diversity and provide tools to combat religious intolerance. 
  • Reading & Discussion Groups: Moderated groups will allow participants to delve deeper into religious identity and its implications for inclusion, equity, and belonging, while fostering respectful dialogue among diverse participants. 

Get Involved

We invite the Northwestern community to join us in this important conversation. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Subscribe to Our Newsletter: Stay informed about upcoming events and gain insights into religious diversity by subscribing to our newsletter series. 
  • Participate in Workshops and Panels: Attend our synchronous educational offerings to learn from experts and engage in meaningful discussions. 
  • Join a Reading & Discussion Group: Deepen your understanding by participating in one of our moderated reading groups. 
  • Share Your Ideas: Have suggestions for topics or speakers? We'd love to hear from you! Contact us at to share your ideas and feedback. 

Northwestern University Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia Resources

Stay tuned for more updates on our programming and events. As we embark on this journey to deepen our collective understanding of religious diversity, we extend a warm invitation to the entire Northwestern community to join us in this important endeavor. The Religious Literacy Program is not just about acquiring knowledge; it's about building bridges of empathy, fostering a culture of respect, and creating a more inclusive environment where every individual feels valued and understood.