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Course and Teacher Evaluations at Northwestern University

At the conclusion of each class and term, students are strongly encouraged to complete evaluations for their classes. Known colloquially as CTECs (Course and Teacher Evaluation Council), these surveys are comprised of university, school, and department questions, and instructors (Law and Kellogg excluded) have an option to add additional questions to the course survey to inquire about new or specific assignments, readings, activities, teaching strategies, and so on. Read about the CTEC process and guidelines.

New CTEC platform

Northwestern has moved to a new course and teacher evaluation platform - Blue by Explorance. Blue is a robust tool that provides the University with an improved user interface, more flexibility for designing surveys, and better reporting capabilities.

Highlights include:

  • Ability to access evaluations through Canvas
  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Increased accessibility
  • More opportunities for faculty and student engagement

Pilots of the new CTEC system began in Fall of 2015, with full implementation in Spring of 2016.

Instructions and Assistance