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Students: Proof of Vaccination Due by July 11

Dear student,

Last month, Northwestern announced that students in on-campus, for-credit programs must be vaccinated against COVID-19 before the start of the 2021-22 academic year to support the health of our community and to position us for in-person classroom and co-curricular activities. You are receiving this message because you are enrolled in or you are visiting one of these programs and thus are required to be vaccinated.

Beginning today, you may report your vaccination status through Northwestern’s COVID-19 Vaccination Form if you are fully vaccinated or if you need to request an exception. Students who are partially vaccinated and are scheduled to receive a second dose should wait to fill out this form until they have completed the vaccination requirement. Please complete the form by July 11 to avoid a registration hold being placed on your account on July 12. Please read this entire message carefully before submitting your form.

If you were fully vaccinated in Northwestern University’s Vaccine Clinic Program, your vaccination status is already on file, and you are not required to self-report your vaccination.

If you received only a partial vaccination in Northwestern University’s Vaccine Clinic Program, or if you received a vaccine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital or any other location other than Northwestern’s Vaccine Clinic Program, you will need to submit your form and associated documentation after you are fully vaccinated.

If you already self-reported a full vaccination to Northwestern, you should have received an email earlier today providing you with a link to your record, where you will need to upload your vaccination documentation.

If you wish to request an exception to the vaccination requirement, you may do so through the COVID-19 Vaccination Form. Please submit any exception requests at least two weeks prior to your Fall registration to allow adequate time for your request to be reviewed. A hold will be applied to your Fall registration if you do not complete your COVID-19 Vaccination Form before July 12, but the hold will be removed after you provide proof of your vaccination or request an exception.

If you are unable to access a vaccine that is approved by the FDA or WHO, please request an exception due to lack of access, and we will work with you to schedule a vaccine appointment for when you arrive on campus.

The vaccination self-report form and the exception request form both require you to upload mandatory documentation for your submission to be considered complete. If you would like to schedule a vaccination appointment through Northwestern, click here. Please visit our online Frequently Asked Questions or email for more information about the vaccination requirement and reporting process. If you have questions or concerns about the vaccine, we encourage you to contact your primary care physician or Student Health Service for advice.

With the help of COVID-19 vaccinations, Northwestern looks forward to returning to in-person operations in the fall. Thank you for your continued efforts to keep our community healthy.


Jaci Casazza
University Registrar

Luke Figora
Vice President for Operations